How to do SEO to get Rank on Google 1st page

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Got a website or a product? Looking for the first place in Google pages? Successful SEO depends on: Keywords Keywords are most important in improving the rank of the website or product. All you have to do is find some short and easy keywords. Find some keywords that have lesser competition, keywords with high competition will be hard for getting a good rank on the first page. Traffic is important for a keyword. Don’t convert your keyword and using of long tail keywords. It is easy to target multiple keywords and need to be very specific about the keyword. Those key […]

5 Trends For Local Marketing Strategy in 2016

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Today in this competitive world one needs to not only sell the best of the product but also use the best of the marketing strategy. In this online world; the customers are wide spread and have access to various media as well hence one can say that forming a marketing strategy or a plan is a difficult and a complicated task. Here we provide you simple and some of the effective marketing strategy for your 2016. 1. Use social media Yes in today’s online world when we talk about marketing you just cannot skip the use of social media. In […]

Search Engine Market Share 2012 Google vs Yahoo vs Bing vs Aol vs ASK report

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comScore is announce an report on search engine Market Share, As a big player of search market Google increased some percentage as pe previous year, Bing also increased some percentage but yahoo gone down as per previous record. AOL and especially Ask gained as well.<br><br>  <h2>comScore September numbers:</h2>  Google: 66.7 percent (66.4 percent in August)<br>  Bing: 15.9 percent (15.9 percent in August)<br>  Yahoo: 12.2 percent (12.8 percent in August)<br>  Ask: 3.5 percent (3.2 percent in August)<br>  AOL: 1.8 percent (1.7 percent in August)<br><br>   In Last Year,  Microsoft-Yahoo was came togeather and create an Search Alliance to increase market share […]

Google Penguin Update 3 Impacts on your Website Queries Ranking and SEO

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Google announced Penguin Update 3 ( spam-fighting algorithm ). In previous Google announce Penguin Algorithm in April 2012 to fighting with Spam. Google refresh this algo two times. Matt Cutts chief of Google’s spam team posted about Penguin Update on Twitter. Penguin Update 3 Impacts only 0.3% Of English-Language Queries. Here’s the list each Penguin update came out,  Penguin 1: April 24, 2012 (3.1%) Penguin 2: May 26, 2012 (less than 0.1%) Penguin 3: Oct. 5, 2012 (0.3%) As per above given list Penguin 1 have a big Imapat 3.1% another updates just noticeable

How to Tag your campgain / email marketing / Banner in Google Analytic

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In today Internet Marketing, Campgain tarcking very imporatant to get accurate ROI, but its need clean and correct tracking data, Now lots of tools and ways avialable to track Campgain analytic data like campgain tagging by using some source tag id . How to create your tagging Plane Before satrting any example for tagging Plan, I want to define some tracking parameters like utm_medium : utm_medium parameter is identifies and tarck the medium/channel of any campaign, For Example if you start two type of campgain like email marketing and banner marketing then your utm_medium is email and banner. utm_source : […]