Google Webmaster Tools Breaks Down Site Errors

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Google Webmaster Tools Breaks Down Site Errors The Google Webmaster Central blog announced that Now Webmster can get website Error information with more detailed in Webmaster Tools and this information is much useful for webmasters. Now Google Websmater is showing errors by each category with more specific errors. For example, if your site have a problme in Server connectvity then your website is not accessible to GoogleBot. Google show this error in a DNS issue or server is down or maybe a robots.txt file preventing access. also Google will display all ststatistics for each of your site-wide crawl errors from […]

SEO VS PPC Industry Survey – PPC Is losing ability To Generate Leads

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Today everyone thinking about SEO and PPC which one is better, according to an industry surve SEO is the most trustable marketing tools for lead generating between U.S. digital marketers, but PPC is the dropping his effectiveness as a lead generation marketing tool. Even lots of B2B and B2C marketers are saying today that social media marketing is more effective than PPC as a lead generation tool. This survey is done by an Digital Marketing Agency (WebMarketing123), In this survey 65% companies present as a B2B marketers including GE, Sony, Cisco, Olympus, Bose and FedEx etc. Survey Team were divided […]

Google Now Allows You To Write Your Search Queries

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Google Now Allows You To Write Your Search Queries for SamartPhone. Google started this job with typing your query in search box, then you can search through voice, then you can search by using image and now Google provides you can hand write your keyword on your smartphone or tablet when on All you have to do is place your finger on the Google home page and use your finger to write. Google will convert your handwriting to text. To enable it, go to on your mobile or tablet device and click on Settings at the bottom of […]

Official Google Panda Update 3.7

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Google has confirmed that the Official Google Panda Update Version 3.7 On June 8th. Google confirmed about this news on twitter, Google said this Google Panda Update started rolling out on June 8th and has an impact of less than 1% of search queries in the U.S. and about 1% worldwide. As per last discussion, The search forums took inside to notice major changes in the search results, Specially analyze the Panda Hit websites. In Aprial, Google launched Panda 3.6, about Half and One Month Google lanuch new update version 3.7 of Google Panda.

Google Launches Knowledge Graph To Provide Answers, Not Just Links

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Google launched “Knowledge Graph” . It is the new search technology to provide popular facts about people, places and things. Its allows to google searching not for website pages that match query keywords but for “entities”. Google has used a “link graph” to show how much pages link to each other. Facebook has provide a “social graph” to understand how people are connected with social network and websites. Knowledge Graph is used to building relationships between different people, places and things As per the report, Google compiled over 3.5 billion facts, which include information about and relationships between 500 million […]