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WebProfits Solutions having a vast experience in Open source development.We developed some most reliable , secure, high performance websites through open source develoment for our clients.Our proffesional team having more than 10 years experience in Open Source Development.Our Open Source Development services includes designing,development,customization,installation and integeration. We believes in providing a solutionas a per your business requirements.

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Why PHP??

Attuned with various Interfaces

The higher popularity of PHP is ingrained in its easy accessibility as it can be used in various kinds of interfaces and operating systems. PHP can be used in those web technologies where the request of user is carried out by administrating a script straight on web server to engender dynamic HTML pages. This type of web technology is called "server side scripting". PHP is also usable in independent graphical applications. At the same time PHP can be also used in the methods where operating system is by a command line interpreter. Additionally PHP is compatible with text user interfaces.


Unlike other languages PHP user doesnít need to write incalculable commands to produce HTML. It is quiet simpler to work with PHP. One just needs to write a HTML script followed by embedded codes. These codes act as instruction to do a particular thing. Above all this, PHP codes are hem in special tags to START and END, which facilitate the user for quick switch-on/off with PHP mode. The web servers can be easily configured to process any and every file with PHP. PHP is so user-affable that a novice can also work with this without any complications.

Accustomed to impromptu technologies

Along with widest compatibility and easy use, PHP present up-to-the-minute features. The regular up gradations and modified versions of PHP has made it choicest language. PHP is the first choice of professional programmers.

Time Saving

Due to its user-friendliness it is much easier to work with PHP. While working with PHP there is no need to write immeasurable commands which saves the time. PHP users can write the scripts just in few hours. PHP is undoubtedly the most popular is programming language since it can be used to make projects ranging from small projects, ecommerce websites and portals to web-based software. All above advantages of PHP web development gets more assurance if it is carried out by Weblink India, one of the pioneers in PHP web development. Right from emergence of PHP language in India to its latest version 5.2.4 (launched on 30th August 07), WebProfits India has consistently worked with it and kept an eagle-eye on its global advancements as well. Backed by amplified experience, innovative vision and a diligent team of PHP developers and programmers WebProfits India has left the competition miles behind.


Latest Version: PHP 5+

Frameworks: MVC, Code Ignitor, Zend, and Cake PHP

Database: MySQL 5.x

Open sources: Magento, Drupal, and WordPress

Front-end technologies: HTML5, Responsive, Twitter Bootstarp,Javascript, jQuery, and Ajax

Servers: Rackspace, Godaddy, Hostgator, Amazon Web Service (AWS) & Microsoft Azure


PHP is used by 81.8% of all the websites across the globe, including the biggest online brands like Facebook, Wikipedia etc

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