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Get Best Android Mobile App Development Services In India

Deliverying Apps for over 10 years, we know how important mobile apps are for businesses today. Android is the most popular platform for phones, and it's essential to take advantage of it to stay competitive. That's where our Android Mobile App Development service comes in. We've completed over 250 projects for both Android and iOS platforms, making sure your app fits your business perfectly.
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android app development services

Android Mobile App Development

Android is an open platform built on Linux. Since android operating software has become a major platform for many handheld devices, mobile application is actually a great business to start. There are over millions of applications found on this software and millions of downloads across the world owing to its versatility and user-friendly interface. So if you want to develop a mobile application and want to secure excellent exposure make sure you build your site on Android version software.

Best Android App Development

About Webprofits

For over ten years, we've been working in the world of web development and creating mobile apps. With our vast experience, we've successfully finished over 250 mobile app projects, covering both Android and iOS platforms.

When it comes to designing the look and feel of our apps, we always follow Google's official Android design guidelines. This ensures that our apps not only look great but also provide a smooth and familiar experience for Android users.

Our team of more than 20 Android developers has an average of over six years of experience, bringing a wealth of knowledge from various industries to the table. They're experts in languages like Kotlin and Java for Android, as well as Swift for iOS, staying up-to-date with all the latest trends in app development.

We're all about using the right tools for the job. That's why we rely on Android Studio and Xcode, two of the most powerful development environments available, to build our apps efficiently and effectively.

But we don't stop there. We also have a dedicated marketing team with over a decade of experience promoting apps on platforms like the App Store and iOS Store. With their expertise, we can help your app get the attention it deserves and reach its full potential.

Why Choose WebProfits
For Android Mobile App Development?

Custom Application
From integrating to updating the best features, we let you customize your Android Application as per the trending business requirements.
Multimedia Compatible Applications
With rich multimedia applications it is easier to engage your customers and gain traffic.
Get GPS and Wi-Fi
If you want to make your site Wi-Fi enabled and with added GPS then are ready to meet your demands.
Online Store Applications
Now you can integrate your E-Commerce site with Android Mobile Apps and boost your sales easily.
Gaming Apps
Android is great for varieties of game development such as action games, fairy tales, quizzes and much more.
Banking & Finance Apps
For an improved financial and banking App android is the right solution for smooth functionality.
Travel Apps
Android is great for varieties of game development such as action games, fairy tales, quizzes and much more.
News Apps
For easy-to-use news and education apps create android mobile apps to draw more visitors.
For user-friendly interface and proper functioning we ensure all Apps equipped with latest features.

OurAndroid Development Process

Consultation, Planning, and Strategy
Discuss your app idea and goals with our experienced team to align on the project scope and objectives. Define the app's features, functionality, and target audience to create a comprehensive development roadmap.
Design, Prototyping, Development
Craft a user-friendly and visually appealing interface through wireframing, UI design, and prototyping. Our skilled developers bring your app to life using the latest technologies, including Kotlin, Android Studio, and Firebase.
Low Investment with Rigorous Testing
Compared to other platforms, Android requires relatively less investment in developing an application, primarily done in three main stages: application development, testing, and hardware cost. To ensure a flawless user experience, we recommend comprehensive testing, including functionality, performance, and security testing.
Launch and Support With Open Source
We can assist you in launching your app on the Google Play Store, as well as provide ongoing support and address any issues or updates that may arise after the launch. Android provides an open source facility, which means you can interact with the community for further expansion and application development, from licensing to royalty free framework.

We Prefer Technology in Android App Development


Java has been the traditional programming language for Android app development. It's widely used due to its versatility and robustness.


Kotlin is a modern programming language that has gained popularity for Android development due to its concise syntax, null safety features, and interoperability with Java.

Android Studio

Android Studio is the official Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Android app development. It provides a suite of tools for designing, developing, testing, and debugging Android apps.

Native Vs Hybrid Mobile App Applications Where To Go?

Native Mobile Apps Speciality

Native apps work really well because they are made specifically for one type of phone (either iPhone or Android) using special languages (like Swift or Objective-C for iPhones, and Java or Kotlin for Androids). This means they can use all the cool features of the phone, making them run faster and smoother.

User Experience

Native apps have a nice and easy-to-use look because they're built using special designs for each type of phone. They can easily work with stuff like the camera, GPS, and other features, making them easier for people to use.


Native apps are fast because they're made to work perfectly with the phone's hardware and software. They can use special tools and tricks to run things faster and make things look better.


Making separate versions of the app for iPhones and Androids takes more time and effort. It's also harder to keep them updated because you have to do it separately for each type of phone.

App Store Approval

Before a native app can be available for download, it needs to follow the rules of the app stores (like the Apple App Store or Google Play Store). Sometimes, this can slow down the process of getting the app out there.

Hybrid Mobile Apps Specialty
Cross-Platform Compatibility

Hybrid apps are made using web technologies, which means they can work on many different types of phones (like iPhones, Androids, and Windows phones) without needing a lot of changes. This makes them a good choice if you want your app to reach lots of people.

Development Time

Hybrid apps are faster to make because they use the same code for different types of phones. This saves time compared to making separate apps for each type of phone.


It's easier to update hybrid apps because you can make changes that apply to all types of phones at once. This makes them cheaper to maintain in the long run.


Hybrid apps might not be as fast as native ones because they use web views to show content. This can make them slower, especially if the app has lots of animations or fancy graphics.

Access to Device Features

While hybrid apps can use some phone features, they might not work as smoothly as native apps. Sometimes, you might need to do extra work or use special tools to get certain features working right.

Benefits of Android App Development

  • Wide Market Reach: Android has the largest market share globally, offering a vast audience for your app to reach.
  • Open Source Platform: Android's open-source nature provides flexibility and customization options for app development.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Developing for Android can be more cost-effective due to lower barriers to entry and a wide range of development tools available.
  • Integration with Google Services: Seamless integration with Google services like Maps, Gmail, and Drive enhances the functionality and user experience of your app.
  • Diverse Hardware Compatibility: Android apps can be optimized to run on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, wearables, and smart TVs, catering to a diverse user base.

Reason to Choose For Android Application Development Services?

Innovative Solutions

We pride ourselves on thinking outside the box to create unique and creative apps just for you. Our team loves coming up with new ideas to make your app stand out from the crowd.

Stacked App

When we say comprehensive, we mean it! We'll build you an app that's packed with all the features you need. From basic functions to advanced tools, we've got you covered.

Responsive Assistance

Need help? No problem! Our team is here for you whenever you need us. Whether you prefer live chat, phone calls, or emails, we'll respond quickly to solve any issues you may have.

Unwavering Transparency

We believe in being completely open and honest with our clients. You'll always know what's going on with your project, every step of the way. No hidden surprises here!

Expert Team

When you work with us, you're getting access to a team of highly skilled developers who know their stuff inside and out. We've got the expertise to bring your app vision to life.

Tailored Solutions

Your business is unique, and your app should be too. We'll work closely with you to understand your needs and create a customized solution that's perfect for your business.

Confidentiality Assured

Your privacy is important to us. That's why we take extra steps to ensure that your sensitive information is kept safe and secure with non-disclosure agreements.

User-Friendly UI

We believe that good design is key to a great user experience. Our team specializes in creating interfaces that are not only attractive but also easy and intuitive to use.

Flawless Performance

Nobody likes a glitchy app! That's why we go above and beyond to ensure that your app runs smoothly and seamlessly, with no hiccups or errors.

Zero Bugs

We take quality seriously. Before we deliver your app, we put it through rigorous testing to make sure that it's completely free of bugs and defects. You can trust us to deliver nothing but the best.

Why Webprofits For Mobile Application Development Service?

  • Holistic Approach: We are known for our holistic approach to digital marketing and branding, which could be beneficial if you're looking to integrate your mobile app seamlessly into your overall digital strategy. They might be able to align your app development efforts with your broader marketing goals and strategies.
  • Understanding of User Experience: We have expertise in conversion rate optimization (CRO) and user experience (UX) design for websites, and we have insights into creating user-friendly mobile apps. They could help ensure that your app provides a positive user experience, which is crucial for retention and engagement.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Along with webprofits is known for its data-driven marketing approach, which could also be applied to app development. They might leverage analytics and user data to optimize your app's performance, identify areas for improvement, and make data-informed decisions throughout the development process.
  • Existing Relationship: If you're already working with Webprofits for other marketing services and have a positive relationship with them, you might prefer to consolidate your digital efforts under one agency. This could streamline communication, and coordination, and potentially result in a cohesive overall strategy.

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